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Year-Two Respite Program Grantees


As part of the second year of the AdoptUSKids Respite Program (2008-09), we awarded 20 mini-grants to foster, adoptive, and kinship parent groups and associations to partner with public agencies for creating and strengthening respite services to families. Strong respite care programs require community involvement and partnerships. Such programs are the most effective way to assure that respite care will be available to families for years to come.




  • Grantee: Change Point Church Resource Family Respite
    Partner Agency: Alaska Center for Resource Families
    Location: Anchorage, AK
    Respite Services: Providing information about respite, recruitment of resource families, training, coordination, and tracking and evaluation




  • Grantee: Grandparent Program
    Partner Agency: Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut
    Location: New Haven, CT
    Respite Services: Creating the Kinship Respite and Support Center to offer individual and group respite events



  • Grantee: Hillsborough County Foster Parent Association
    Partner Agency: Hillsborough Kids, Inc.
    Location: Tampa, FL
    Respite Services: Movie night, skate night, respite provider pool, and in-service training



  • Grantee: Foster Family Programs of Hawaii
    Partner Agency: Hawaii Department of Human Services
    Location: Honolulu, HI
    Respite Services: Enhance and grow the Adoption Respite Program for families in Hawaii


  • Grantee: Parents Helping Parents Statewide Support Group Network, Wichita Adoption Support Group
    Partner Agency: Kansas Children’s Service League
    Location: Wichita, KS
    Respite Services: Design and develop a program that fits the need of the support group


  • Grantee: Kentucky Adoption Options
    Partner Agency: Adoption Support for Kentucky
    Location: Lexington, KY
    Respite Services: Contact empty homes and recruit them to become respite providers, create a respite family registry, provide a central call-in number


  • Grantee: F.A.I.R. Visions
    Partner Agency: Office of Community Services
    Location:Monroe, LA
    Respite Services: Recruit former foster parents to provide respite services, receive referrals, and contact caregivers


  • Grantee: Families on the Move
    Partner Agency: Michigan Department of Human Services Wayne County
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Respite Services: Six respite events during the year for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents, journaling by participants to track success and failures of the respite



  • Grantee: Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
    Partner Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Foster Care Review Board
    Location: Lincoln, NE
    Respite Services: Educate and provide training, develop a support plan with families, promote respite as supportive rather than a crisis service

New Hampshire

New York

  • Grantee:We Have a Heart
    Partner Agency: Leake and Watts Services, Inc.
    Location:  New York City, NY
    Respite Services: Create a pool of stand-by respite homes, help caregivers find regular available home for respite




  • Grantee: F.A.C.E.S. of Virginia Families
    Partner Agency: Richmond City Department of Social Services
    Location: Richmond, VA
    Respite Services: Look at development of family respite homes for children in residential treatment facilities or group homes

Find out more about how to start a respite care program where you live by reading our manual Taking a Break: Creating Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Respite in Your Community (PDF – 2 MB) / En Español (PDF – 1.4 MB).

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