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Learn About the Benefits of Disclosing Child Background Information Prior to Adoption


Two new resources from Child Welfare Information Gateway, one for adoptive families and one for child welfare professionals, discuss the importance of disclosing background information about children prior to adoption. When information about developmental, trauma, placement, educational, and social histories is disclosed to prospective parents at the beginning of the adoption process, they are more likely to have more realistic expectations of what it will be like to parent their child.

  • Obtaining Background Information on Your Prospective Adopted Child: This factsheet for adoptive families summarizes the importance of getting thorough and accurate medical, genetic, and social history information about prospective adopted children. It also addresses the questions prospective adoptive parents should ask their adoption agency, reasons some information may not be available, and where to find more information.
  • Providing Background Information to Adoptive Parents: This bulletin for child welfare professionals outlines their legal responsibility and benefits of providing background information to adoptive families about prospective children. It also addresses the information that should be provided and how to help families understand the information.

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