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Posted 1/6/2012

January 2012 Caseworker of the Month

Carol Edelstein, director of the AdoptionWorks program for Adoptions Together in Baltimore, MD, is our January Caseworker of the Month.

Posted 10/30/2011

November 2011 Caseworker of the Month

Marian McCoy, an adoption assessor with Franklin County Children Services in Columbus, Ohio, is our November Caseworker of the Month.

Posted 8/1/2011

August 2011 Caseworker of the Month

Dori Weeder, a social caseworker with Broomfield Health and Human Services in Broomfield, CO, is our August Caseworker of the Month.

Posted 7/1/2011

July 2011 Caseworker of the Month

Mary McKeeman, a foster care social worker for Hope 4 Kids in Orange County, California, was named our July Caseworker of the Month. McKeeman was nominated for matching a loving family with a little boy who’d lost faith in being adopted.

Posted 6/30/2011

June 2011 Caseworker of the Month

Linette Torrefranca, a social service clinician for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services in Florence, KY, is our June Caseworker of the Month. By happenstance, she found a career fresh out of college as a social worker and has proved to be a steady, caring presence in the lives of both children and foster parents ever since.

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