Aaliyah, Mariyah, Tiffany

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S2055017716
Names: Aaliyah, Mariyah, Tiffany
Case #s: 2055018136D, 2055018136E, 2055018136F
Ages: 15, 12, 10
Genders: Female, female, female
Race: Black/African American
State: Indiana
Last Profile Update: 02/13/18


English Narrative:

Aaliyah is a stylish and talented fifteen year-old girl! She has many goals for herself and she wants a better future. She is a great student and English is her favorite subject. She enjoys gymnastics, reading, choir, and dancing. She is good with her sisters and other children, but does appreciate spending time alone. She is kind and soft-spoken and will need to be around people who support her and who will listen to her.

Mariyah, who is twelve, has a beautiful smile and outgoing disposition. She is energetic, sweet, funny, and happy. She is animated and is a great conversationalist. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She loves reading, watching television, coloring, and making art.

Tiffany is a friendly, inquisitive, playful ten year-old girl. She describes herself as “silly.” She loves attention and loves to smile! She loves watching tv, especially Barbie cartoons. She plays soccer and listens to Kidz Bop songs. She is playful, friendly, and quick to share a smile.

These girls would do best in a two-parent home with a strong, nurturing female role model. They need a family that provides understanding, patience, encouragement, and knowledge of the effects of trauma on children. These sisters are very bright and would do well with a family who can help them reach their goals and their potential. (8136DEFIA) Lake County