Status: Available
Case #: 2055018192
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Race: Black/African American
State: Indiana
Last Profile Update: 01/31/18


English Narrative:

Johnnie is a fun-loving and kind ten-year-old boy who is inquisitive. He enjoys school, and his favorite subject is math. If given the opportunity, he likes to Google topics that interest him. Johnnie thinks about his future often and has dreams of being successful. Because of this, he puts a great deal of effort into his academics. It is important that potential families continue to encourage his success and interests in extracurricular activities. He is very adventurous and likes to try new things! Johnnie likes to play LEGOs, and his favorites are Ninjago and Star Wars editions. Johnnie also enjoys playing games, puzzles, and reading books. Recently, Johnnie attended basketball camp. Johnnie prides himself on being helpful and willing to share. His laugh is adorable and he is a pleasant boy to be around. Johnnie is caring and makes a great friend.

Johnnie will do best in a home where he can receive a great deal of attention from his adoptive parents. Johnnie would like to be in a two-parent home with at least one male parent, where he is the only or youngest child. He would do well in a calm, nurturing family that offers stability and structure. Parents must have an understanding of how trauma affects children. Johnnie has shown great resiliency and will flourish given the opportunity to be in a loving, forever home! (8192IA) Lake County