Ra'Lexus, Yada

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S59018744
Names: Ra'Lexus, Yada
Case #s: 59012014046AC, 59012014047
Ages: 18, 15
Genders: Female, female
Race: Black/African American
State: Alabama
Last Profile Update: 01/30/17


English Narrative:

Ra'Lexus, born June 1999 does well in school and enjoys being in the band. She has her next four years of high school planned out and loves to plan ahead. Ra'Lexus likes talking to her friends, shopping, and attending school activities. She and her sister, Yada, want to be adopted together.

Yada, born May 2002 does fairly well in school. She does not like math but works hard to keep her grades up. Yada enjoys playing with her friends and siblings. She likes to roller skate and attend other activities with her peers Yada is always smiling and is a happy child. She and her sister, Ra'Lexus, want to be adopted together.

*Photograph and video provided courtesy of www.heartgalleryalabama.com