Status: Available
Case #: 264701Jerimyah
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Maryland
Last Profile Update: 05/08/17


English Narrative:

Jermiyah likes to spend time going for car rides, playing with car toys, toys with sound and movement, playing at the park and in the snow. Jermiyah likes consistency and routines. Jermiyah can use 3 word phrases without prompts, follows directions well, and can engaged with those that he knows well. Jerimyah enjoys affection and interaction.

Jerimyah requires increased levels of structure as well as other specialized strategies to engage in the educational program. Due to his vision impairment, he uses a long cane to enhance safety during travel.

Jerimyah is friendly and loves to interact on his own. He loves music and noises that he recognizes. He does not do well with change and often needs to be verbally told exactly what is going on.

There is a presence of emerging skills in the areas of communication. He can use three word phrases now without prompts.