Status: Available
Case #: MD233237704
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Black/African American
State: Maryland
Last Profile Update: 02/16/18


English Narrative:

Devondre likes to spend time swimming, walking, and solving puzzles. Devondre likes consistency and routines. Devondre can use a few single-syllable words when prompted, follows directions well, and can engage with others.

Devondre is Autistic. He requires increased levels of structure as well as other specialized strategies to engage in his educational program. Devondre is sensitive to sound and will often wear noise cancelling headphones so as not to be agitated.

Devondre is friendly, loves to interact, and follow directions. He often completes tasks quickly and is eager for more to do. He does not do well with change and often needs to be verbally told exactly what is going on.

There is a presence of emerging skills in the areas of communication. Devondre can use a few single-syllable words when prompted,; for example, Devondre will respond by saying “Hi” when you say hello or “Good” when you ask how he is doing.
Devondre would benefit from a single parent or two parent home who can make a life-long commitment to his care. Any family interested in opening up their heart and home will be welcoming a child in need of a loving forever family.