Alexander, Anthony

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: SMD049687
Names: Alexander, Anthony
Case #s: MD041183883, MD041179437
Ages: 16, 15
Genders: Male, male
Race: Black/African American
State: Maryland
Last Profile Update: 01/23/17


English Narrative:

Meet Anthony! Anthony attends the 8th grade at his local middle school and has a current individual education plan (IEP). As a result of his IEP, it was discovered that Anthony was bored in class last year, he is now enrolled in more challenging courses. At the time of his progress report (October 2016), Anthony was pleased to show off straight A's. Anthony is very mechanical (think Tony Starks in Iron Man); he enjoys learning how objects (including cars) are built and put together. He has reported that he hopes to be an engineer or own his own business as a mechanic when he is grown. Electronics are also popular with Anthony, and it is typical for him to spend time entertained with the activity. Anthony is well rounded, age appropriately responsible, and driven.

Meet Alex! Alex attends the 10th grade at his local high school and has a current IEP. Alex is an intelligent young man, but he struggles with his behaviors. School challenges him and he works to cope with daily stressors which may include other peers, assignments, or rules that he does not agree with. He reports an interest in playing sports and video games.

Both Anthony and Alex’s permanency plan is adoption. Currently the boys are not placed together, although ideally they will be placed and adopted together. They currently reside with two separate families but have regular and frequent visits with one another.

Although Anthony and Alex have not yet found their forever homes, they remain hopeful of the possibility. The Department is hopeful that there is a family out there willing to get to know them and remind them of the joys of a forever home; showing them that a transition or change is worth it. An ideal family for Anthony and Alex would include a household with parent(s) who offer a safe, structured, and loving home environment. Should a family not be willing to adopt both boys, the Department is seeking families that would ensure their sibling connection would remain.