Jason, Brandon

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S2055019997
Names: Jason, Brandon
Case #s: 2055018472A, 2055018472B
Ages: 14, 12
Genders: Male, male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Indiana
Last Profile Update: 03/08/18


English Narrative:

Jason is an introverted fourteen year-old boy who enjoys playing with his brother, Brandon. He is very motivated by encouragement. Once he opens up to you, Jason has a wonderful sense of humor. Jason loves “Despicable Me,” and anything to do with minions! His favorite color is blue. He enjoys doing crafts at school and spending time with his peers. He also enjoys putting together LEGOs and doing puzzles. Jason is happy and content. He enjoys cleaning and helping out. He is active and enjoys being outside. Jason can be funny and enjoys making sure those around him are happy. He loves to watch movies and play video games with his brother.

Brandon is a very sweet, loving boy. He enjoys cuddling and giving hugs. He is very close to his brother, Jason, and will typically “talk for Jason” as Jason is the quieter of the two. Brandon thrives off of praise. He enjoys cleaning and organizing things, as well as doing his schoolwork. Brandon loves to work in the garden. Brandon is also funny, although he can be shy when you first meet him. Brandon loves Transformers, video games, and bicycles. He is very active and enjoys playing outside. He also enjoys doing puzzles with his brother.

The family that would be best for these boys would be a two-parent home with plenty of routine and structure. Parents will need to be strong advocates for Jason and Brandon's well-being. It would be best if potential parents understood the effects of trauma on children. Parents will need to be patient and nurturing for Brandon and Jason. (8472ABHC) Delaware County