Nahif, Niashown

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S26470110020
Names: Nahif, Niashown
Case #s: 26470117864, 26470117865
Ages: 16, 14
Genders: Male, male
Race: Black/African American
State: Maryland
Last Profile Update: 06/29/18


English Narrative:

Nahif is a 15 year old African American male with a very friendly personality. Nahif enjoys cooking, acting, singing and hanging with his friends. Nahif is faced with a few challenges and is currently receiving all the supports to help him reach his full potential. But this doesn’t stop Nahif from pushing through his challenges and aspiring to become a Lawyer. Nahif has big dreams for his future. Nahif would love a family that would love him unconditionally. He would also love to continue having communication with his brother who he has a close relationship with.

Niashawn is an active shy 14 year old boy. He enjoys playing sports, especially basketball and football. He loves swimming and enjoys playing video games, spending time with his friends and riding his bike. Currently Niashawn is in 7th grade and doing well academically. Niashawn would love a family they can relate to him culturally and who will be able to provide him with unconditional love and support that he will need in order to reach his full potential. Niashawn would love to have continued contact with his brother with whom he has a close relationship with and lives local.