Jeremiah "Patrick", Joshua

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S20550110308
Names: Jeremiah "Patrick", Joshua
Case #s: 2055018513A, 2055018513B
Ages: 11, 9
Genders: Male, male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Indiana
Last Profile Update: 06/21/18


English Narrative:

Patrick is a very active, sweet boy! He enjoys playing basketball, football, and soccer. He also enjoys doing gymnastics! Patrick enjoys drawing and listening to music, as well as playing Xbox. His favorite game is Minecraft. He collects Hot Wheels toys (his favorite is a Lamborghini). Patrick's favorite movie is Space Jam. He enjoys learning new things, and is very polite. Patrick hopes to have a family that likes the same things as him.

Joshua is a very happy, loving little guy. He enjoys getting hugs and being held. He likes playing with any sensory toys, such as something with a lot of sound or flashing lights. He likes to stay active and likes the trampoline, swing, and jumping. Joshua enjoys dancing and watching TV. Joshua once went on a roller coaster and he loved it! Joshua likes to be rocked and read storybooks. Joshua loves to laugh, and has a great personality.

The family that would be best for Patrick and Joshua should be able to provide adequate supervision and support to both boys. Parents will need to be patient and have an understanding of Joshua's emotional and educational needs. Patrick and Joshua would do well in a home with older children. Patrick would do well in a home with clear structure, routine, and expectations. (8513ABDD) Clay County