Tristan, Alex, Lyric

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: S20550110371
Names: Tristan, Alex, Lyric
Case #s: 2055018570A, 2055018570B, 2055018570C
Ages: 13, 11, 8
Genders: Male, male, female
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Indiana
Last Profile Update: 06/21/18


English Narrative:

Tristan loves to play video games. He likes flying remote control helicopters and likes playing football. The Indianapolis Colts are his favorite team! He loves NASCAR and Kyle Busch is his favorite driver. Tristan is guarded when you first meet him, but he can be affectionate and caring of others. He loves playing outside. Tristan is very intelligent and curious, and he made the honor roll at school.

Alex is an easy-going, bright boy who takes pride in his accomplishments, like earning the honor roll at school. He enjoys playing with LEGOs and toy cars. He also enjoys riding his bike. Alex likes to swim, go to the creek on adventures, play on the trampoline, and spend time outdoors. He can be outdoors for hours if you let him! He also likes to play games with his siblings and peers. He hopes to play soccer and football! Alex is very intelligent, and has a very creative imagination.

Lyric loves to talk and loves attention. She likes to dress up and play make-believe! Lyric says she can be “girly” but also can also be a “tomboy." She likes to be the boss, but does play well with other children. Lyric has a great imagination. She likes to play with LEGOs and watch LEGO movies. She loves to draw, ride her bike and enjoys swimming in the foster parent’s pool. Lyric would love to have a mother figure in her life that will nurture her, care for her, and love her.

Tristan, Alex, and Lyric would do well in a home with a mom and a dad. Parents must have an understanding of how trauma can affect children. Tristan, Alex, and Lyric will need a family that can offer plenty of one-on-one attention. They need a home where there is a lot of structure and can have a daily routine. They thrive on consistency. Adoptive parents need to provide a drug-free home with unconditional love, safety, and stability. These siblings need parents who are strong and will stand their ground in a calm, direct manner. Tristan, Alex, and Lyric would benefit having parents who are active and want to be involved in their lives. (8570ABCDD) Perry County