Status: Available
Sibling Case #: SLA0110776
Case #s: LA0112L, LA0116L
Ages: 12, 12
Genders: Female, female
Race: Black/African American
State: Louisiana
Last Profile Update: 07/02/18


English Narrative:

Aliyaha and her twin sister are very closely bonded and Aliyaha is very protective of her sister. When Aliyaha was asked about her Forever Family, she stated she wants her parents to love her and Tamia. Aliyaha enjoys dancing and she participated in a Hip Hop Dance Recital. Like other children her age, she enjoys playing video games, especially Just Dance video games, visits to the bounce house, watching Teen Titans and Andi Mack. Aliyaha's favorite subjects are Science and Social Studies..

Tamia is a sweet little girl who enjoys interacting with her peers but also values her quiet time. She enjoys outdoor activities, church activities, and playing with other children her age. She is soft spoken and has a shy personality. Tamia describes her perfect family as a loving family who is active, easy going, and patient. Overall both Aliyaha and Tamia are beautiful twin sisters who desires a forever family who is willing to love and care for them.

Aliyaha and Tamia long for a family that can provide them with love, patience, and support they need to continue to grow and prosper. If you are a family with a big heart and willing to give unlimited love, support, and encouragement, Aliyaha and Tamia will be a great addition to your family.