Status: Available
Sibling Case #: SLA0111000
Case #s: LA0187L, LA0188, LA0186L
Ages: 16, 14, 12
Genders: Female, female, male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: Louisiana
Last Profile Update: 06/25/18


English Narrative:

Dominic is a bright, positive, active twelve year old male. He enjoys sports and is active in his school basketball team. He loves the outdoors and hanging out with his friends. Dominic can seem quiet when he first meets someone, but he is quick to engage and open up when he gets to know the person. Dominic shares a strong bond with his older sisters and wants to be adopted by a family that will accept them all and support them in their dreams and future endeavors. He likes most foods but the only seafood he likes is "tilapia and fish sticks."

Haili is a fifteen year old female who enjoys attending school. She is very active in extracurricular activities at school. Haili has a strong bond with her younger siblings and is a positive role model. She is well adjusted and makes friends easily. She enjoys most foods with the exception of seafood. She is active, enjoys traveling and likes animals. Haili has a good sense of humor.

Isabella is a bright intelligent fourteen year old female. She enjoys school and is involved in extracurricular activities. Isabella loves being active in sports and plays basketball and volleyball on her school teams. She has a very strong bond with her siblings. She is a positive role model to others. Isabella who prefers her nickname "Bella" likes to travel and gets along well with others. She likes most foods with the exception with seafood. Isabella likes animals and traveling.