Rilee, Ethan

Status: Available
Sibling Case #: SNC10511928
Names: Rilee, Ethan
Case #s: NC10587-8297, NC10587-8298
Ages: 14, 11
Genders: Female, male
Race: White/Caucasian
State: North Carolina
Last Profile Update: 09/17/19


English Narrative:

……………………. North Carolina and Surrounding Areas …………………..

Ethan is a very loving and giving boy who maintains a calm, positive demeanor. He loves to talk about things that interest him, telling jokes and making others laugh. Ethan is often found playing outdoors, participating in sports and riding bikes. He is definitely an animal lover and often times plays with the dog in his current home.

He is a very intelligent, loving child who likes to play football, ride dirt bikes. Ethan has male peers who are friends and he enjoys many of the same hobbies with them. His only significant relationship has been with his sister, who has been his source of affection and support.

Ethan is very open about his thoughts and feelings. When directed to do something, Ethan happily complies. He is generous and often buys candy for other children with his allowance. He looks forward to having a family and talks about his future family. He states that he wants to be someone’s son in his healthy adoptive family.

Rilee is a very loving child who is shy in groups but becomes a social butterfly once she is comfortable. She is an affectionate child who genuinely cares about others. Rilee can be found buying gifts for those in her home with allowance money she earns. She enjoys art and nature, however her favorite hobby is reading books. Rilee enjoys hanging out and watching movies with her friends, but her most significant bonded is with her younger brother.

Rilee is a sweet student who tries hard, she enjoys reading and is eager to please teachers. Her favorite subjects are reading, and history and she enjoys participating in her Bridge and Pokemon Clubs. Rilee is describe by her teachers, peers and other adults as being beautiful inside and out. She expressed wanting a career in the fashion industry as a designer. She wants to help her community and the children who live in it. She also dreams of one day being a wife and mother and expresses a desire to be a good mother and giving her children the love, they deserve.

The agency continues seeking a family for Ethan and Rilee who will understand trauma and the impact it has on youth. Both Ethan and Rilee needs nurturing and reassurance that they are loved and supported. Ethan and Rilee desires are to be placed together in a loving home. The agency is seeking a single female home or two female home, with no other children or female siblings only.