Status: Available
Case #: NJ0101003LS
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Black/African American
State: New Jersey
Last Profile Update: 04/20/20


English Narrative:

Meet Salik, a smart, handsome, self-sufficient young man! An admirer of basketball, Salik is a huge fan of the Brooklyn Nets. He admires Kyrie Irving because of his New Jersey roots and his skills on the court. This young man is described as reserved and quiet, and it can take some time for him to show you his personality, but it’s worth the wait. A skillful artist who has an impressive imagination that translates into his artwork and writing. He also has a great sense of style and is very proud of how he presents himself. During his down time Salik enjoys playing video games, riding his bike, watching sports games on TV, and going to interactive places like Dave & Busters. He has a lot of potential and is looking for a family that will be patient, provide structure and nurture him. Remaining connected to his siblings and relatives is very important to him.