Race:Black/African American
Case #:PA0110218
Profile Updated:1/3/2018
Photo Updated:4/13/2018

He’s FUNNY! He’s got a personal story about everything, and he’s very happy to tell it to you, guaranteeing a smile every time.

He’s HELPFUL! If you ever need assistance with anything, Dominick will jump right in to help.

He’s a BAKER! Dominick will comment that he has secret recipes he’d like to share with his family. He’s mentioned chocolate and pancakes (mmm) when he talks about the recipes…

Dominick might remind you of a likeable politician when you encounter him. He is very personable, talkative, and kind. He’ll extend his hand as a friendly greeting, and probably go right into a story about something just to make you laugh. If for some reason you may feel uncomfortable initially, it won’t be long before you’ll want to sit down with him and listen to one of his tales. He may talk about his skills in baking and cooking, so after a few minutes you might find your appetite growing. Dominick may speak to you about football and how one of his favorite teams, the Eagles, is doing. He’ll graciously listen to your comments about your team as well, though.

Dominick completed high school, yet still attends classes that’ll help him in a future career. Dominick enjoys the social aspect of school, that is, interacting with a lot of friends and he is always working on improving all his skills.

Dominick would love a family of his own to share the experience of living life. He wants to play video games with his family, eat pizza with his family, watch football games on TV with his family, and even go to football games with his family! Dominick’s ideal family would be supportive of him the rest of his life. If he couldn’t have one-on-one attention from his family, it would be best if he had siblings his age or older.

Dominick is legally free for adoption.

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