Race:Black/African American
Case #:9101865
Profile Updated:3/14/2017
Photo Updated:7/22/2015

Breyanna J. is a cute precious female with a beautiful smile and spirit born in February 2002. She is bright and learning more independence in her teen years. She has a young adult sister who advices her in all things. Breyanna is healthy and she does well in school when she applies herself and is well liked by peers and adults. She recently became interested in boys and has been somewhat distracted but overall she has a sincere and cooperative manner. She values her sister’s input and wants a family that will encourage and support their relationship. Unfortunately in order to keep her connected to her sister she has had several placements and craves the stability of a loving adoptive home that can allow her to be herself, relate to her sister, work on her goals as well as be the teen that she is. She loves talking on the telephone to friends. Breyanna also likes swimming and going to the beach. She likes getting her nails and hair done. She likes the movie The Princess and the Frog and she enjoys music as well as singing and dancing. She likes going to the mall, shopping and going out to eat. She likes going to the movies and she also enjoys spending time with her older sister.

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