Case #:ZH181109001
Profile Updated:3/21/2017
Photo Updated:3/23/2017

Amber is an energetic and curious young lady. She enjoys being active, spending time with her foster family, and coloring. Amber enjoys completing drawings and art work for everyone she knows. She likes watching TV, listening to music, caring for her dolls, and has a vivid imagination. Amber also enjoys playing games on her Nintendo DS and watching movies. Amber looks forward to sharing her progress with others and is quick to show her family papers that she has brought home from her school day. She likes to please her caregiver and teachers and seems to enjoy school with the assistance of her aide. Although she is primarily an introvert, Amber can be outspoken about her thoughts and feelings at times.

Amber has experienced many significant losses in her life, and is trying to come to terms with how to handle so much disappointment. Because of her past trauma she is slow to trust and develop new relationships, but once she gets close she is very outgoing. Amber has a close relationship with her current caregiver. Amber needs a lot of redirection and structure to keep her focused and attentive. She responds best to a very predictable routine. Most importantly, Amber needs a patient and loving family who is willing to work through her many challenges and prove that they are always going to be there for her.

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