Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH181109049
Profile Updated:6/16/2017
Photo Updated:6/19/2017

Marquise is a likable young man with a wonderful smile. He loves everything sports. This will be his second year on his high school’s football team and loves to spend time playing basketball with his friends and kids in the neighborhood. Marquise also loves watching sports events on TV and attending them; his favorite teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oregon Ducks. Marquise enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and playing with his friends, and likes music, playing video games, bowling and field trips. Marquise loves to experience new things and is generally up for any new experience. He is slow to warm up to people, but once he knows you and trusts you, he’s extremely open, affectionate and talkative.

Marquise very much wants to be adopted and to be part of a forever family. He is currently in a stable foster home and has built a strong bond and level of trust with this foster parent; allowing contact with his foster mom will help Marquise to be successful in a new environment. Marquise would love a family that can provide him with unconditional love and support, and positively influence and encourage him.

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