Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH181109005
Profile Updated:9/25/2017
Photo Updated:10/26/2016

Alexcia is a helpful and creative young lady. Alexcia has a number of interests which include watching movies, crafting and poetry. She also enjoys outdoor activities, especially skateboarding and recently swimming. She also likes to play basketball. Some of her favorite foods are shrimp, Mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, pizza, apples, spinach and cereal. Her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip! She enjoys watching television, but mainly she loves music! Alexcia is on top of the latest music, is always singing and likes to write lyrics. She would love to take voice lessons and her ultimate dream would be to meet Lady GaGa. Alexcia loves animals.

Her birth family is very important to her; therefore some openness in maintaining contact with her birth siblings would be especially important. She would also benefit from a close knit family who is willing to exhibit unconditional patience, commitment to education, and be supportive of her future goals.

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