Case #:ZH181209028
Profile Updated:3/13/2017
Photo Updated:1/14/2016

Anthony is a lover of people and things. He has a hard time figuring out when and where it is best to insert himself socially. He enjoys an active lifestyle of running, jumping, climbing and playing. He has also developed an appreciation for reading too. Anthony enjoys learning but does have some struggles in school. He has an IEP to provide greater support services for optimal learning. Anthony has three sisters with whom he is very bonded and absolutely has to have contact with them regularly.

Anthony’s ideal family would support him in all of his triumphs and disappointments. He is not perfect and is not looking for a perfect family. He would do best in a forever family that is consistent and committed to him. The family would be patient, encouraging, and assist him in navigating through interpersonal relationships. He longs to participate in sports and other community recreational activities. A family that would allow him to do so as well as be active participants themselves would be ideal.

Note: Anthony may be considered as part of a sibling group, but may also be considered on an individual basis, pending further review.

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