DeShawnta "John"

Name:DeShawnta "John"
Race:American Indian/Alaskan Native
State:North Dakota
Case #:ND010088
Profile Updated:2/9/2017
Photo Updated:6/23/2016

Please meet John!

John is a 15-year-old young man who has a kind and sensitive heart. He has a love of all animals, but he is especially interested in farm animals! He would like to have a career where he could work with animals all day, so he thinks he would make a great vet! He also loves to draw pictures, primarily of animals, of course!

John enjoys all things FUN! He loves going out for a Blizzard at Dairy Queen and pizza at the Pizza Ranch. He recently developed an interest in marbles and has developed an impressive collection.

John connected with some of his biological family. This contact has been very good for John and should be continued in an adoptive home.

An adoptive family will need to continue connecting John to therapy services so they can continue to process their feelings towards everything that has occurred in their lives. John is legally freed for adoption at this time.

The Indian Child Welfare Act applies, however all families will be considered.

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