Case #:ZH188709736
Profile Updated:1/4/2018
Photo Updated:10/26/2016

Raquel is an intelligent and articulate young lady who wants to work with animals or open a hair salon as a career. She is also very artistic, creative, and musical. She enjoys painting and is an amazing artist! Raquel likes to write her own song lyrics, especially rap. Raquel’s guilty pleasure remains watching TV, including any kind of reality TV program. She also has a lot of family pictures saved to her tablet and loves all electronic devices.

Raquel can be quiet and observant at times, and also very talkative. She likes to participate in activities both indoors and out. However, she does not like activities where she “gets too sweaty”. Given the choice, she’d rather be using an electronic device or watching a good movie. She also loves spending time with her mentor and adult big sister! Raquel has two other siblings who are very important to her too!

Raquel has been developing her culinary skills and can make chicken alfredo and caprese salad, along with simpler dishes such as tuna melts. She needs an adoptive family to help her continue to learn to cook, do laundry, and all the things young adults need to learn. Raquel needs a family to help, love, and support her as she finds herself and figures out who she is in life. Is your family the perfect match for Raquel?

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