Antwone, Kelvin

Name:Antwone, Kelvin
Ages:13, 12
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
State:South Carolina
Case #:SSC0210322
  • Antwone, 13, male
  • Kelvin, 12, male
Profile Updated:9/25/2017
Photo Updated:3/5/2017

Antwone and Kelvin are both very friendly and active young men. They are extremely bonded to each other and love spending time together. Antwone is protective of his younger brother, but he does a good job of letting the adults that he trusts take care of Kelvin.

Antwone is described as a “cool kid.” He is friendly and respectful towards everyone he meets and has no trouble making and keeping friends. He enjoys school and his favorite subject is science while his least favorite is math. He loves playing soccer and football and hopes to make the soccer team for his middle school this year. Antwone loves playing video games and especially enjoys playing Animal Crossing. He also loves watching movies like Jurassic World and the Harry Potter Series. If given the choice, Antwone would eat tacos every day, but there aren’t many foods that Antwone doesn’t like or won’t try. When he grows up, Antwone wants to go to college and get a job where he can make good money, although he isn’t quite sure what profession he wants to pursue yet.

Kelvin is a charming and friendly young man. He is very active, but he is learning to stay calm while he is at school so he can participate in all of the classroom activities. He enjoys art and math and cannot name a subject that he does not like. Kelvin loves playing video games with his favorites being SpongeBob and a princess game for the Wii console. His favorite thing to eat is a hamburger (especially those from Red Robin). Kelvin’s favorite animal is a tiger and his favorite sport is football so he is, naturally, a Clemson Tigers fan. He dreams of becoming a fireman when he grows up. When Kelvin has had a bad day, he likes to be by himself and listen to music. His favorite band to listen to is Skillet.

Antwone and Kelvin need a loving adoptive family that will provide them with the structure, support, attention, encouragement, and nurturing environment that they need to continue to thrive and reach their goals.

Antwone and Kelvin are legally free for adoption and can be placed out of state.

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