Race:White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino
Case #:TX0181814
Profile Updated:6/27/2022
Photo Updated:4/8/2022

Joseph is always smiling and eager to try new things and go on adventures. He is a determined and curious child. Once he sets his mind on something, his curiosity has no bounds. When Joseph's attention is engaged, he is motivated and calm especially with caregivers who are persistent, patient, and are willing to be repetitive with direction. Once Joseph is comfortable, he is all smiles and ready to show his personality. He enjoys animals, he is an animal lover, trips to the zoo are Joseph's favorite adventure. Joseph currently lives close to a beach he loves going to the ocean and watching waves. He benefits from frequent prompts when moving to a new environment or changing his schedule. Joseph thrives in a highly structured environment. He enjoys spending time and interacting with people. Although he has a limited vocabulary, Joseph finds unique ways to communicate. Joseph loves Michael Jackson, Thriller is his favorite, play the music video for him and he will show you his dance moves. He is a very sweet and open child who will be a special addition to any family who will love him unconditionally!

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