Erica, Julio

Name:Erica, Julio
Ages:11, 10
Gender:1 male, 1 female
Case #:SSNAC0110907
  • Erica, 11, female
  • Julio, 10, male
Profile Updated:3/28/2018
Photo Updated:3/29/2018

Erica and Julio, or “Junior,” are a closely connected sibling group who are in need of a growing up family! They are of Hispanic descent and have lived with a bilingual, Hispanic foster family while in foster care. They would do well in a home that supported them culturally, and a bilingual home would be an added bonus!

Erica is a beautiful girl who is utterly devoted to her younger brother. She is as compassionate as she is sweet and always protective of Junior. She is very friendly and makes friends easily. She is thoughtful, observant, and older than her years in many ways. Erica loves art and is super creative.

Junior is a handsome boy whose skills and functioning are unfolding every day. Junior loves electronics!!

Erica and Junior would do best in a loving, supportive, and highly structured home. A combination of nurturing and firm would be ideal. They need a very committed, capable, and flexible family! While all family set ups will be considered, due to Junior’s specific needs, a two-parent family and a family with either no other children or only older children would take preference. Lastly, the family will need to be able and willing to collaborate with providers, follow through with treatment plans, and participate in services, when necessary.

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