Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Case #:KY01E710
Profile Updated:6/2/2022
Photo Updated:4/28/2022

James, who likes to go by Tony, is a young man who is the happiest when he is outside. He loves to be outside doing sports, gardening, or just to sitting in the sunshine. He will volunteer for extra work if he can be outside doing it. He especially likes time to go fishing and is patient enough to catch the biggest fish.

Tony enjoys the social side of school but not the academic side. He wants a future job where he can work with his hands, possibly as an auto mechanic. He enjoys learning about cars and football.

Tony would like to find a family that enjoys the outdoors and being active. He likes animals and would like to have his own dog. Tony would do best in a family where he is the youngest child and with a strong male role model.

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