Race:Black/African American
Case #:VA01318644
Profile Updated:4/25/2023
Photo Updated:4/1/2023

TTony is cheerful and charismatic teenager. He enjoys affection and positive attention from his care givers. There is never a dull moment with Tony. He will keep you well entertained and laughing. Tony is intentional in his interactions with others and is family oriented. Tony loves his sister, and it is very important to him that they continue to have a connection. On a typical day, Tony is energetic and happy. He enjoys being a helper around the house. Tony is great with his hands and likes to assist with washing cars, yard work, or anything mechanical. He also loves to build things. He likes to ride his bicycle and enjoys the company of friends while bicycling. Tony is a sports fanatic. His favorite sports are football and basketball. Tony’s favorite card game is UNO. This is a great icebreaker for Tony as he loves to play and sometimes makes up his own rules as he goes.

In our effort to limit the digital footprint of our children and youth, Virginia has elected to only provide photos to inquiring families. (A digital footprint could be described as a trail left behind when someone uses the internet (e.g. websites visited, social media accounts, photos, etc.). The state wants to be cautious as to who can see and potentially have access to youth’s info.

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