Michael, David, Wesley

Name:Michael, David, Wesley
Ages:9, 6, 5
Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Gender:3 male
Case #:S060411473
  • Michael, 9, male
  • David, 6, male
  • Wesley, 5, male
Profile Updated:12/11/2018
Photo Updated:12/13/2018

Nothing makes Michael, David, and Wesley happier than the chance to spend time together. These three siblings adore one another and are eager to find an adoptive family that is excited to adopt the three of them together.

Michael, the oldest, is energetic, outgoing, and full of love for his younger siblings. He is a very creative and artistic kid who enjoys drawing most of all. He takes pride in his artwork and enjoys the chance to display his creations on the refrigerator at home, or at show-and-tell. Currently in the 4th grade, Michael enjoys school and is supported well in the classroom. He really likes learning and additionally, appreciates the chance to spend time with his school pals.

Similarly, David is a very social and outgoing kid. His imagination is wonderful and David enjoys creating and telling stories in his free time. He’s also active and loves to play tetherball with his friends and brothers. Currently in the 1st grade, David does very well in school. His teacher says he is a “wonderful student,” which shows in David’s desire to keep learning. He has lots of friends and loves going to class.

Vibrant and energetic, Wesley absolutely loves spending time with his family and friends. He’s a book lover who, when not reading, is most likely finding a new audience to regale with one of his hilarious jokes. Wesley attends daycare where he enjoys learning and playing with all of his friends. (He’s just as social as his brothers.)

These three kiddos have a close relationship with their older brother and would appreciate an adoptive family who will help them maintain that bond throughout their lives.

An adoptive family who is excited to provide these kids with love, support, and positive reinforcement would be a great fit. Most importantly, the kids’ social worker would like to hear from families who are excited to adopt these three together. They love each other very much and are excited to find a loving home together.

If you can envision Michael, David, and Wesley as a part of your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Michael, David and Wesley are also featured on the Northwest Adoption Exchange website. Please check out their profile for the possibility of additional photos, videos, and inquiry information.

Profile current as of December 11, 2018.

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