Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH1812804925
Profile Updated:11/28/2023
Photo Updated:12/2/2022

Samuel is a handsome teen, with a great smile. He is outgoing, fun, and are well-mannered. He respects his elders and is polite to people around him. He enjoys spending time with his older brother. Samuel is currently a senior in high school. He aspires to become a HVAC Technician (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning). He is going to get his HVAC License after graduation in June 2024.

Samuel, considered shy, is coming out of his shell due to recently beginning his first job. He is talking and joking more. Samuel enjoys playing video games and listening to music. He will only discuss his music genres of interest with people he is comfortable with. Samuel likes sports and is athletic. He briefly participated in track. Samuel enjoys a good home cooked meal, but also enjoys eating at restaurants.

Samuel would benefit from continued contact with significant people in his life. He needs a forever home where the caregivers keep him on the go and engaged in activities. He needs a Forever Family! Are you the family for them?

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