Dennis, Jaheim

Name:Dennis, Jaheim
Ages:14, 12
Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Gender:2 male
State:South Carolina
Case #:SSC0212567
  • Dennis, 14, male
  • Jaheim, 12, male
Profile Updated:1/11/2021
Photo Updated:1/12/2021

Dennis and Jaheim are an outrageously funny sibling group who enjoy watching cartoons and playing outside together. Dennis loves to play video games on his Nintendo DS and eat pancakes. He can be very sweet and loves to talk. Dennis is very outgoing and is the type of child that “never meets a stranger.” Jaheim loves to watch action figure cartoons and eat spaghetti. He loves going to the beach and eating ice cream. Jaheim is very smart and loves academics; he is on the A/B honor roll. He also enjoys helping out with chores around the house. Both of the boys desire stability, safety, and unconditional love.

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