State:New Mexico
Case #:NM0112142020
Profile Updated:7/5/2022
Photo Updated:9/15/2022

Meet Jesse! Jesse is a very polite, easy-going and calm 15-year old young man. One of his providers describes him as “the kindest child I know.” Jesse is generally in a good mood. He has a great imagination and he enjoys playing with his Matchbox cars and stuffed animals and creating stories involving the items. Jesse takes great pride in his appearance and he likes to dress up and do his hair. He also keeps his bedroom and belongings organized and he likes his surroundings to be clean. Jesse is into eating only healthy food, most recently asking for a gluten free, vegetarian birthday cake.

Jesse would do best in a family that encourages him to try new activities and to take part in their family activities. Jesse greatly enjoys school and likes to be social, but he does need assistance in navigating how to interact with his peers. Jesse’s parents will be patient with him, assist him with his daily routine and provide him with a consistent daily routine.

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