Andrew, Mercedes

Name:Andrew, Mercedes
Ages:15, 15
Race:Black/African American
Gender:1 male, 1 female
Case #:SMI0112627
  • Andrew, 15, male
  • Mercedes, 15, female
Profile Updated:9/2/2021
Photo Updated:1/30/2021

Go ahead. Just ask Andrew what’s most important to him, then feel your jaw drop at his response. “Do good things,” says Andrew while showing others that he cares for them. He builds relationships and loves spending time with friends while watching TV and playing video games. In fact, playing games ranks high on Andrew’s favorite things list. He loves action and racing video games, and he enjoys playing basketball. He wants to become a professional video gamer when he gets older. “Andrew also likes music and rapping in his free time,” says one of the adults close to him. Andrew loves dogs, the color red, and pepperoni pizza. He says he likes school, and math is his favorite class. Andrew hopes to travel to Disneyland to take in the sights and sounds. He’d hope to see Spider-Man as well as the newest Disney movie. Also on Andrew’s wish list are an MP3 player, a tablet and a new family. He wants to have sleepovers, play video games, go on vacations and make new friends with them.

Kindness prevails when Mercedes is around. Christmas is her favorite holiday because she not only enjoys opening gifts but also likes shoveling snow for her neighbors. “Mercedes is respectful and compassionate toward others,” says an adult close to her. “Mercedes typically gets along well with others.” This amazing and classy young lady likes a variety of activities. She enjoys playing video games such as NBA 2K and Just Dance, and she loves playing Monopoly. Mercedes likes shooting hoops, going shopping, getting her hair and nails done and going go-cart racing. She hopes to visit Memphis or Atlanta – “They seem like fun places” – and wants to become a rapper when she gets older. As you might guess, Mercedes has a creative side and enjoys painting and coloring, but instead of art, math is her favorite subject in school. Mercedes looks forward to becoming part of a forever family so they can share some of her favorite activities such as going on walks and going on vacations together.

“Andrew loves his siblings and cares for his friends. Andrew has a good sense of humor and loves to make jokes and laugh with his friends,” says one of the adults close to him. When he’s asked to describe himself, Andrew says, “I’m talkative and friendly.”

According to one of her close adults, “Mercedes appears quiet and shy, but she has a huge personality. She has a good sense of humor. Mercedes is positive about her future, and she is really bonded with her siblings.” Mercedes says the most important thing she wants others to know is that she’s an awesome kid.

A forever family must be willing to adopt Mercedes and Andrew together. Mercedes and Andrew would do best with a single female parent or a mom and dad. Their new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma informed. Their new forever family must be open to letting Andrew and Mercedes maintain their sibling relationships.

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