Case #:ZH47104
Profile Updated:11/24/2021
Photo Updated:9/14/2021

Yelixza is a young lady with lots of energy and is very talkative. She likes to be creative and work on art or craft projects. She enjoys being active doing things like riding a bike or taking walks. She likes to watch television and movies. She has not had much chance to find her own interests so far, but is curious and will benefit from having time to discover her own interests. She likes to build relationships with people by spending time together, even doing simple things like going for a drive in the car. Yelixza likes to help others and looks to please the adults in her life.

Yelixza will do well with an equally active family that can match her energy level and help her find positive ways to use it. She looks for a lot of attention from her caregivers, so a family that has the time to give her would be great while she gains her own confidence. She needs a family that is patient and can provide clear expectations and good structure. A family will need to be willing to engage with her school and other providers to help her continue to make the gains she is capable of.

She is connected to her two sisters and they have a good relationship. She will need an ongoing relationship with them.

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