Case #:0101ALS405
Profile Updated:2/22/2022
Photo Updated:2/25/2022

Meet Zyon, he enjoys school and does very well. Zyon always seems to be smiling. He can be very helpful and sweet. Zyon is a curious child and enjoys questions about the world and anything that catches his interest. Zyon is a gamer and could play video games all day long, if allowed. One of his favorite hobbies is collecting and playing with Pokemon cards. He has a big imagination and enjoys “cryptozoology,” specifically the show Mountain Monsters. Zyon loves to play football and fish. Zyon would enjoy a family who loves the outdoors, animals, and staying active as much as he does. He would love to have dogs or cats in his new home. Zyon will benefit from consistency, structure, and encouragement in his home. Zyon needs a family that can offer attention and patience for redirection. Zyon’s family should be nurturing and encouraging so Zyon and his family can build a trustworthy bond and relationship

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