Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH187497800
Profile Updated:1/9/2023
Photo Updated:1/12/2023

Alanna is a 16-year-old AA female who is looking for a family to accept her and her baby girl. Alanna is very smart and wants to be a cosmetologist when she gets older. Alanna is very talented and loves making others feel beautiful by doing hair. Alanna is an independent teenager who is resourceful and determined. She is a great mother thus far and only wants the best for her and her baby girl. Although Alanna is parenting her child, she still needs the love and attention she hoping to get from her perspective adopted family. Alanna enjoys outings, listening to music, and family time. She likes being supported and having a person she feels comfortable and connected to. Alanna does not have any major health issues, or severe mental health. Alanna is well-kept, organized and waiting for a family to love on her and her daughter.

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