Race:Black/African American
Case #:VA01322915
Profile Updated:4/25/2023
Photo Updated:2/28/2023

Jimmy, born in 2007, is kind and caring. Most recently, Jimmy started going to the gym and enjoys physical activities. He loves to be outside, playing basketball, and listening to music. Jimmy enjoys school and hanging with his friends. He is very social and makes friends very easy. On the weekends, he loves watching WWE and funny movies. Jimmy is a trickster and likes to play jokes with his friends and family. He also enjoys cooking. Jimmy loves to dress nice and is always working to make his hair perfect. 'Looking fresh" is very important to Jimmy. One of Jimmy's favorite memoirs is playing basketball for his middle school. Jimmy is known to be a good listener. He can learn when provided positive criticism or instruction. Jimmy is open to doing new things; although, at times he could use encouragement to do them. Others have described Jimmy as personable with great social skills. Would Jimmy thrive in your family?

In our effort to limit the digital footprint of our children and youth, Virginia has elected to only provide photos to inquiring families. (A digital footprint could be described as a trail left behind when someone uses the internet (e.g. websites visited, social media accounts, photos, etc.). The state wants to be cautious as to who can see and potentially have access to youth’s info.

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