May is National Foster Care Month!

Foster parents and relative caregivers change children's lives

April 30, 2018

Every May, the child welfare community recognizes foster parents and thanks them for their service to children, youth, and families. Agencies across the country hold banquets, programs, and other events to honor foster parents, and the Children’s Bureau works with partner organizations to launch a website rich with resources.

The 2018 National Foster Care Month website provides information to help families, professionals, and others improve outcomes for youth in foster care. On the site you will find:

Foster parents have the power to positively affect generations. Watching my foster parents seeking support for me and getting involved in my education has made me a stronger advocate for my kids today. ~ Catherine Pearson in her "Letter to a foster parent"

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Read about the qualities of successful foster parents and relative caregivers and the types of foster parenting on our website.

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