Adoption stories

Families, foster care alumni, and caseworkers describe the rewards, challenges, and lessons they have learned. Do you have a story to share? Please tell us about it.

Outstanding Caseworker: Oneida Petrino

December 20, 2018

A Colorado caseworker shares what she enjoys about working with families in a small town.

"We did not have a plan. Our hearts were wide open."

December 17, 2018

A mother who had given up on becoming a parent talks about the path to adopting four children.

“If you can provide a safe, happy home, the door is wide open."

November 28, 2018

Parents of three adopted children talk about teens and making room for the unexpected.

When "someday" comes early

November 05, 2018

A church presentation set a Georgia woman down a path to adopting four siblings.

Instant Family based on director's experience

November 01, 2018

Daddy's Home director shares his family's adoption story.

Outstanding Caseworker: Tracy Steele

October 25, 2018

Tracy talked with us about her work and why she loves it.

A sense of permanence

September 28, 2018

A Vermont family of teens keeps growing—and going.

Outstanding Caseworker: Tara Taylor

September 12, 2018

Finding a forever family for a 12-year-old boy included accompanying him on a 1,600 mile flight to his new home.

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