How to apply for the leadership program

Applications for the 2020 Minority Professional Leadership Development program are being collected through 12 p.m. eastern time on September 9, 2019.


MPLD is open to people from historically disadvantaged culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse groups who have worked in child welfare for three to five years in the US, including its territories and tribal communities.  

Read all selection criteria.

Application instructions

All applications must be submitted online using this application form.

Step one—gather materials needed to apply

A current resume that includes:

  • Education (listing degrees and dates awarded).
  • Professional employment (listing dates and titles).

Up to two-page double-spaced essay that provides the following information:

  • Overview of yourself and why you want to be a MPLD fellow.
  • What you hope to gain from participating in the fellowship.
  • An issue or challenge that you would like to address with your action research project and why this is an important topic for your organization. (You will work on this project throughout the fellowship; please read the action research project description before completing this essay.)
  • A letter of recommendation from a colleague (peer or supervisor) who can speak to your leadership qualities and future professional aspirations.
  • A signed notification of application by your direct supervisor or agency administration. This letter explains the benefits of participating in MPLD for both the fellow and their organization, the time commitment required over the fellowship, and the need for the state, tribe, territory, or agency to identify a mentor to assist the fellow with their action research project. Download the notification of application.  

Step two—complete our online application form and upload your materials

Before starting, please review the form and be sure that you have the information and materials you need to complete your application.

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