Diligent recruitment tools

Find more diligent recruitment resources at the website of the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment.


Diligent Recruitment Navigator
A customizable tool to guide states, tribes, and territories through the process of developing a comprehensive diligent recruitment program


Data-Driven Recruitment: Key Data Elements on Foster and Adoptive Families (487 KB PDF)
Suggests key questions to ask your data to increase the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

Developing Recruitment Plans: A Toolkit for States and Tribes (557 KB PDF)
Guidance, strategies, examples, and tools for developing data-driven recruitment plans, including ideas for creating short-term plans, targeted recruitment plans focused on particular populations or areas, and comprehensive diligent recruitment plans.

Diligent Recruitment Navigator Worksheet” (33 KB Word doc.)
Tool for tracking discussions, data, decisions, and plans identified when using the navigator.

Diligent Recruitment Planning Tool for Tribes: A Tribal Supplement to the Diligent Recruitment Navigator (111 KB PDF)
Provides an easy-to-use guide specifically for tribes for discussions to develop a comprehensive diligent recruitment plan and program.

Is Your Response System Family Friendly? (131 KB PDF)
An agency self-assessment tool examining how well your response system meets the needs of families.

LGBTQ Supplement to the Diligent Recruitment Navigator (127 KB PDF)
Suggested discussion questions and considerations to assist child welfare systems in strengthening their diligent recruitment plans and programs to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth in foster care and LGBTQ prospective foster and adoptive parents.

Speaking the Same Language: Understanding Multiple Meanings of Terms Used by Child Welfare Program and IT/ Data Staff to Support Diligent Recruitment (147 KB PDF)
Key words and phrases that both program and data/ IT staff may use that may have different meanings.

Using the Diligent Recruitment Navigator Effectively (75 KB PDF)
Guidance and answers to common questions.

Using the Diligent Recruitment Navigator to Support Implementation and Ongoing Program Improvement (225 KB PDF)
Information about ways that child welfare systems can use the Diligent Recruitment Navigator after program planning.

What is Diligent Recruitment? (164 KB PDF)
Tip sheet providing a list of elements to include in a diligent recruitment plan and program.


Bringing Your Diligent Recruitment Plan to Life: Ideas and Tools to Support Comprehensive Diligent Recruitment Planning and Program Implementation
The benefits of implementing an active, comprehensive diligent recruitment program and ideas for how to build a diligent recruitment program in your child welfare system.

Data-driven Diligent Recruitment: Partnering and Prioritizing to Strengthen Your System’s Use of Data
Strategies for advancing cross-unit collaboration and prioritizing data needed to strengthen your system’s use of data.

First Impressions: The Power of an Effective Response System
An overview of key concepts related to effective response systems and ways your response system offers a critical opportunity to set resource family expectations and provide consistent, timely information.