Working with diverse communities

Resource guides, tip sheets, and webinars to inform your work with diverse families and communities.


Finding Common Ground: A Guide for Child Welfare Agencies Working With Communities of Faith (1.3 MB PDF)
Wisdom and lessons learned from successful faith-based targeted recruitment initiatives.

Latino Tip Sheet Packet (222 KB PDF)
Benefits of recruiting Latino foster, adoptive, and kinship families and information about the importance of language in working with Latino families.

Moving Toward Cultural Competence: Key Considerations to Explore (227 KB PDF)
Building staff capacity for effective, culturally competent recruitment and retention efforts.

Nuestra Familia, Nuestra Cultura (Our Family, Our  Culture): Promoting and Supporting Latino Families  in Adoption and Foster Care (888 KB PDF)
Tips for building cultural competence and increasing effectiveness in working with potential parent.

Recruiting Families for Native American Children: Strengthening Partnerships for Success (107 KB PDF)
Strategies for recruiting families for Native American children, including strengthening relationships with tribes.

Working with African American Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Families (2.5 MB PDF)
Tips for becoming more culturally competent and partnering more effectively with families.

Working with LGBT families and youth

Barriers and Success Factors in Adoption from Foster Care: Perspectives of Lesbian and Gay Families (2.1 MB PDF)
A 2010 policy-to-practice dialogue.

LGBT Foster and Adoptive Parenting (188 KB PDF)
Overview of LGBT foster and adoptive parenting issues, including LGBT parenting, laws, and policies and how agencies can better serve LGBT families.

Perspectives of Youth Adopted from Foster Care by Lesbian and Gay Parents (608 KB PDF)
A 2012 study by AdoptUSKids

Recruiting and Retaining LGBT Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families: Sending a Welcoming Message (216 KB PDF)
Importance of using appropriate language and images to help improve recruitment and retention outcomes.

Strategies for Recruiting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (435 KB PDF)
Overview of LGBT parenting and strategies for recruiting and engaging LGBT families.

Talking with Experts on Engaging LGBT Families, Part 1: Creating a Welcoming Environment (217 KB PDF)
Welcoming LGBT parents through developing inclusive messages, explicit policies, and community connections.

Talking with Experts on Engaging LGBT Families, Part 2: How Leaders Can Build Agency Competency ( 215 KB PDF)
Increasing staff capacity for working appropriately and sensitively with LGBT prospective and current parents.

Talking with Experts on Engaging LGBT Families, Part 3: Important Conversations in Child Welfare (215 KB PDF)
Topics for child welfare professionals to discuss to help increase capacity to work with LGBT parents.


Recruiting, Developing, and Supporting Resource Families in Rural Communities
Information about resources and relationships in rural communities and strategies for recruiting, developing, and supporting foster, kinship, and adoptive families in rural communities.