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January 2009 Caseworker of the Month

Julie Goncalves

Julie Goncalves

Springfield, Massachusetts 

Julie's first child that came into care was placed with me. He was a 3 week old baby boy. That same child was placed with me on two additional occasions throughout his first 9 months of life. During these 3 placements, Julie was very supportive. She understood the bond that the baby and I had and was sensitive to my feelings each time he returned home.

On one occasion the baby got sick and had to be hospitalized. Julie was there to support both the child and myself though this difficult week. She knew that I would not leave the baby, and made an extra effort to come up to the hospital and sit with him so that I could leave for a few hours. In addition to the time from her work day, she also offered up a personal phone number that I could reach her at, in case of an emergency after working hours. Julie had a genuine concern for both the baby and me, which was portrayed in a very caring thoughtful way.

Once the baby was reunited with his mother, Julie supported me keeping in contact with the family. I was able to send a note to the baby's mother, and have since formed a connection. I am able to see the baby, and have an open understanding of my role in his life. Had it not been for Julie's listening skills, patience, kindness and genuine care, this connection may never have had an opportunity to develop.

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie on two separate occasions, and am currently working with her. She always goes out of her way to make a placement work. If her schedule is full, she will visit after hours. Julie always makes time to speak to me as well as the child, and makes an extra effort to really listen and respond to what I say. It is such a delight to work together on a case with her. She sees the importance of working with foster parents as a team- she supports us, and has a genuine care for all the children and families she works with. She truly deserves to be recognized for case worker of the month.

Andrea Murdza

Chicopee, MA

Foster Parent

“It is foster parents like Andrea that make it easy to do my job. I have had the opportunity to work with Andrea on several placements with two of them being long term. She has gone far beyond what is expected of foster parents. The children she cares for are exceptionally lucky to have her as a foster parent. Andrea is a photo-fanatic, and her home is full of pictures of children she has had in care. In all of the pictures the children have smiles and look truly happy. Again, I am thankful for the recognition, but Andrea also needs recognition for all of the hard work she has done.” - Julie Goncalves

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