Case #:MI02C07513
Profile Updated:8/15/2019
Photo Updated:5/23/2019

The people who know him best say Bradley is a loving boy who’s eager to find a family. “He loves talking to people and is very friendly,” one of his workers says. “He loves family.” He’s got the personality and interests to fit right in. “He likes to interact with others and to show what he can do,” says another worker. "Bradley likes to always being doing something; playing a game, playing with a toy, on the computer" says his worker. "He also enjoys interacting with others; whether it's peers or adults, it doesn't matter" she adds. His team believes Bradley would flourish with a family. For instance, he likes swimming and camping. He enjoys “all food,” especially pizza. His favorite after-school activity is to go home and rest. He might even teach a future forever family a thing or two about computers, which are sort of a hobby for Bradley. Of course, like a lot of kids his age Bradley enjoys playing video games. He especially enjoys "Friday at Freddy's" and "Minecraft". Deep down, Bradley is a pretty cool kid. Ask him what he’s most proud of and he’ll say “the fort I made.” Ask him the most important thing he wants people to know and he’ll say “I like you guys.” One of his favorite activities involves bedtime, which he likes to precede with a story “about where I come from and all the people who loved me.” When he discusses his future forever family, Bradley says he wants to do things together such as swimming, coloring or just talking. He adds that the one thing he looks forward to most is being on his best behavior and being nice to his family.

Bradley would do best with two parents who are experienced. His new forever family Bradley will need to be patient and able to meet his needs. The ideal family will be very active. Bradley needs a family who can make sure he receives the services he needs to function at his best. An adoptive family will have to provide him with a consistent, highly structured environment with constant supervision and the one-on-one attention that Bradley thrives on. Finally, Bradley would do best as the only child in his new home.

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