Case #:PA01C64AA53
Profile Updated:2/7/2023
Photo Updated:12/2/2022

Lenny is a personable, affectionate, comedic presence in every room he enters. Lenny loves spending time with people. He tends to joke around and will have you laughing for hours with his colorful personality and general silliness. His laughter, positive energy, and enthusiasm for life are contagious. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re spending time with Lenny.

Lenny has a huge sweet tooth. He loves all sugary foods. Just when you think it’s impossible for Lenny to smile any bigger, offer him a piece of candy. Lenny loves sharing and gossiping about his favorite songs, artists, and actors. He also loves gadgets and technology; his prized possession is his smart watch. Lenny also has a great memory. He is full of pop culture trivia and has decades of song lyrics committed to memory. Lenny enjoys going to school; his great memory serves him well academically! He is always learning new things and skills. He is currently learning how to play chess!

Lenny would love to find his forever family. He would do well with a family who is committed to teaching him life skills and is willing to learn about his special needs. Lenny would do well as an only child or with older siblings. He would love to have a sibling to look up to! He needs a family who accepts him for who he is and is comfortable allowing him to explore and discover his identity. Lenny enjoys connecting with family members through phone calls. He also occasionally visits with his brother. He will need a family who is supportive of these relationships.

Parental rights have been terminated for Lenny.

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