Race:Unable to determine
Case #:LUND01MS05
Profile Updated:6/15/2017
Photo Updated:12/13/2016

My favorite things:

I really like surfing the internet and spending time with my sisters. I am starting to get interested in the outdoors; I have been kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. I like to read and to write. I am also interested in biology and the sciences.

Things I do not like:

I do not like a lot of chaos around me, I like a sense of structure, but not total structure. I do not like a lot of negativity. I don’t like watching the news all the time, because it is always negative.

Favorite foods:

Since I came into placement, I am trying a lot of new foods. My favorite meal is corned beef and cabbage with potatoes. For me it is more the circumstances and company than the meal itself. The memory of the meal has more meaning.

What I want in a family:

I want my new family to have a lot of consistency, and to be responsible for their actions. I want them to be open to my connection with my sisters, and to support me in that, as well as supporting my connection with my community.

I would like to live in a large town or small city. I would prefer a couple, but I am open to the idea of a single parent household. I would rather not be an only child.

What I want families to know about me:

I feel I am very responsible for someone my age. I am intelligent and very articulate. I have some medical needs that are well managed and have little impact on my daily life. I value my free time. I have a great sense of humor and I am a bit of a jokester. I am also an extrovert.

I want to find a family that will give me the opportunity to grow as a part of the family and to experience the world.

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