Race:Black/African American
Case #:PA01C46AB31
Profile Updated:1/8/2024
Photo Updated:4/22/2024

Shylynn is an outgoing and friendly teen who enjoys making new friends and being social. Words that Shylynn has used to describe herself include stylish, artistic, sassy, and polite. Shylynn is creative and you will find her doing a craft, or dancing and singing along to various songs. Some of her favorite musicians include Queen Najia, Mia, and Skillet. Shylynn loves wearing dresses, styling her hair, and going shopping. She adores all animals, especially dogs and cats, but horses & snow leopards are her favorite! She also loves all-things anime and manga.

Shylynn also enjoys being active. She likes to spend some of her free time being outside. Summer is her favorite season and she spends time being outside in the fresh air, with a good book. She likes to sit back & relax with her favorite treat, ice cream, but only if its mint chocolate chip! When Shylynn grows up, she has dreams of becoming a fashion designer, a singer, or a wedding planner. If she could go anywhere in the world, it would be Paris to learn how to design her own clothes. She is working on independent living skills and applying for a part-time job. She will be a valuable employee and greet everyone with a warm smile. She is described as a leader and always looking out for others. Shylynn will go out of her way to make someone smile or make their day a bit brighter.

Shylynn would love to have parents who can give her their full attention, and she would love to have older siblings to look up to. Maintaining birth family connections is important to Shylynn, especially with her younger brother.

Parental rights have been terminated for Shylynn.

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