Race:Black/African American
Case #:ZH187850237
Profile Updated:12/28/2022
Photo Updated:8/27/2021

Move over “Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy, there is a new cat whisperer in town. Meet Laniyah! She loves cats and kittens and enjoys going to the shelters to see the animals and to spend time with them. One of her favorite moments was when she was allowed to crawl into a big cage with two timid cats to comfort them. She sat there with them until they came out to explore. The smile on her face couldn’t get any bigger. The confidence she shows around animals, even big dogs, shows how this once shy girl is coming out of her shell to explore the world around her.

Laniyah is creative and enjoys coloring and activity books/puzzles, etc.

Laniyah is growing up and exploring her social level. She likes to be with friends at the library or the park, but she also enjoys down time at home by herself.

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